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IMPORTANT NOTE : Not all car coating is the same! Do not just compare pricing and flashy advertisements. You will soon realize some coating solutions are as good as no coating at all. Why so?

Quality of preparation work before coating. Many detailers skimp on quality materials and equipment. They even use non-skilled workers to polish your cars!  It’s your right to say no to such sub-standard work.

Inferior Coating material. There are plenty of non branded coating materials out there. Avoid them at all cost to avoid the disappointment.

Low level of quantity used in coating. Many detailers apply only 5ml to 10ml of coating material on your entire car! One tablespoon is already 15ml. It’s unbelievable but true. Don’t be cheated!

Quality vs Quantity. Coating a car can never be rushed if you expect perfection. Something is lacking somewhere. Do you want that?


A Proven Solution                                                                                                  

•  From Restoration to Prevention. We have it all for you.

•  No more returning issues like water marks, disappearing water beading effects and swirl marks.

Seeing Is Believing                                                                                             

• Take our demo test and see, feel and hear the difference. Once witnessed, you can never look elsewhere anymore.

• See the difference. See the value in our Coating.

• Come and talk to us and our friendly yet highly-skilled technicians. We are absolutely passionate about perfecting every single car we touch.


No One Comes Close                                                                                          

• The only true anti-scratch solution worldwide (up to 12 H hardness). Top of the world hardness.

• Industrial grade harden glass coat, providing everlasting super brilliant shine.

• Invisible Ion wiper coating with 12-month warranty. The only company capable of giving this.

• Industrial leading 5-year warranty period. To many people, that’s the lifetime of a car.

Competitively Priced                                                                                       

• You will be pleasantly surprised our coating solutions (full body, windscreen, rubber, rims and Tyre coating) are the Best value for your money.

• When compared to other coating market players, ours are amongst the most competitively priced. We are priced to win your heart.

Total Solutions You Will Love                                                                       

• Anti-scratch, Anti-chip and Anti-rust! Titanium armor shield – first in the world.

• Keep your car looking everlasting super brilliant shine. Never to polish and wax again!

• 99% UV protection – the single most damaging component to color fading, rubber hardening & cracking, yellowish headlights.

• Kiss water marks and swirl marks away.

• Demand super long-lasting water beading and water repellent effect.

• Increase the lifespan, durability and deep gloss of your plastics and rubber components.

• Get the latest and greatest nano technology on invisible wiper – enhancing your safety especially during heavy rain. You will find joy and comfort driving in the rain!

• German-made clean air solution to sterilize and revitalize your car cabin. Instantly removing sick-car syndrome, cigarette smell and durian odour! Keep bacteria and fungus away for at least one year.

• Professional and thorough interior cleaning and coating to your seats and dashboard.

• Complete armor shield against acid rain, alkaline solvent, bugs splats, bird bombs, tree saps, leaves, salt water etc. The most impenetrable car coat ever created, bar none.

• Extremely hydro and oil phobic, making it very difficult for dust, dirt and water-soluble chemicals to stick on your car. Your car will always look brand-spanking new!


Get to know our product features … and we promise you’ll love them all!


Give yourself this opportunity to know us better and then let us help you perfect your pride and joy. You’ll be glad you did. This probably could be your best decision made today.

We are becoming the “re-coating” experts!

Many people who had their cars coated by other coating companies are now coming to us to have their cars re-coated! Why? No only because there are so many issues arising such as apparent scratch marks, water marks, swirl lines, disappearing shine, no more water beading– total frustration, but because we can solve all these issues and bring joy back to you. So, before you make your decision on coating your car, visit us first to avoid disappointment!

Like what we said earlier, not all coating are the same. We offer only the very best to you.

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