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Titanium Anti Scratch

Titanium Anti Scratch

The one and only true anti-scratch coating around. Seeing is believing. Imagine: no more worries about accidental scratches by finger nails, handbag zippers, children’s bags/toys or the grazing of motorcycles on your side-mirrors. We have been thanked countless of times how our anti-scratch protection saved the day.

With hardness of up to 12H (the highest paint protection system in the world – no one comes close!), it can also withstand small stone chips from roads & highways and because few chemicals can react to the rock-solid coating hardness, you have lesser worries about watermark, bird bombs, acid rain, salt water and tree gums. Give your car the finest protection there is in the world today.

This diamond-hard armor coating will last for the lifetime of the car. Our main ingredient consists of Titanium. This chemical element is exceptionally strong (having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal), has high tensile strength, light weight, fatigue resistance, high crack resistance, able to withstand moderately high temperatures and has high corrosion resistance. It is no wonder that Titanium alloys are used in aircraft, armor plating, naval ships, spacecraft and missiles. Now, it is made available for your car! Are you ready for its protection?


People say owning a dark coloured vehicle, especially black, is the hardest to maintain. Try out our one of our Nano Armor coating packages and that notion would be as extinct as the dinosaurs. With Nano Armor, maintaining a black car would be a joy! Why not? After each simple car wash, you’ll have a “better than showroom condition” car. No watermark or chemical markings due to bird bombs or tree gums ever. We pride ourselves to have the only paint protection system that eradicates these age-old problems once and for all. The problems will never come back.

UV Radiation Rejection

Ultra Violet (UV) radiation is the single most damaging component to color fading, rubber hardening & cracking and causing yellowish headlights. Our coating provides 99% UV rejection on the body paint, windscreen (protecting your internal dashboard & seats), external rubber & plastic components and headlights.

This protection will save you thousands of dollars from replacing your cracked plastics, harden rubber seams, replacing the corroded headlights and repainting your car due to premature color fading.This protection will save you thousands of dollars from replacing your cracked plastics, harden rubber seams, replacing the corroded headlights and repainting your car due to premature color fading.

Corroded headlights - Poly-carbonate housing will turn yellowish over time due to UV radiation exposure. This reduces the amount of illumination at night and during rain, creating safety concerns. Furthermore, the car looks horrible and affects the resale value and pride of ownership. Use our coating to eradicate this issue once and for all.

Plastics discoloration - With UV protection applied on all plastics components, these components will not discolor prematurely. As a matter of fact, it will remain uniformly deep glossy black for many years to come.

Paint discoloration - would be a thing in the past, especially on Japanese cars where the paint thickness is very thin. Our coating will protect paint from being “eroded” by weather, chemicals and daily wear & tear.

Rubber seam discoloration - is very common even on new cars. New cars might have been subjected to baking weather for months before delivery to new customer. Therefore an immediate Nano Armor coat is needed to slightly reverse this aging process and stop it on its track.

Invisible Wiper

Think of safety and comfort! Our invisible wiper features fast and easy water repellent and beading on all windscreens and headlights. Get the total satisfaction of seeing how simply water rolls off the windscreens. This effect makes your car look so much more up-market and is long-lasting. Wiper will never judder nor skip, in fact, it will glide even more smoothly on the surface, providing cleaner wipe in each swipe.

As this is not wax-based coating, we provide a full-year warranty – the only one such warranty available in the country. With our Invisible Wiper, driving in the rain will never be the same again. It’s safer and far more comfortable. Once you have it, you cannot live without it. It’s that good.


How do we do it?
Firstly, all windscreens would be thoroughly cleaned and polished to remove dirt, oil stains and watermarks. This process usually takes about an hour. Once done, the windscreen is ready for the invisible wiper coat. The coating and curing process takes another 45 minutes to complete. View the videos below, see the “lotus-effect”, love the instant and complete water sheeting!

External Protection

We solve all your problems. From restoration to perfecting the outlook of your car to its maximum shine and glory!


IMPORTANT NOTICE : It is absolutely critical that your body paint, windscreens, head-lights, rims and trims are perfected from any defects before any coating can be applied. Our workers are highly skilled, experienced and have won auto-detailing awards. Their passion in perfecting your car sets us miles apart from our competitors. We guarantee you pure satisfaction in how we pamper your car.

Even for a brand new car that has just rolled out from the car showroom, you can always find defects to the paint and other body parts that need our specialized tools and people to rectify. (Why brand new cars have these problems? Click here for the answer.)

The photos below show some of the commonly seen problems with brand new cars that we will solve first before applying our armor coat.


Swirl Lines or "spider-web" lines, present especially on dark-colored cars. Scratches. Look under a bright light and you will definitely find them. Watermarks which cannot be removed by washing you car. 

No Hydrophobic Effect. Water just “glues” itself to the windscreen and bonnet. This causes many issues such as creating permanent water marks, a magnet to dusts and dirt and making driving uncomfortable.

Our specialized rubber and plastics coating provide maximum protection by rejecting 99% of the harmful UV ray, moisturizes the components and locks-in the deep black glossy look without ever getting worried about premature cracking, hardening, peeling and discolouration of the components. This applies to all rubber & plastics components of your car – exterior, interior and engine protection.

We also coat and protect your rims and tyres. We employ revolutionary nanoparticles sealant with long lasting dirt resistance and water repellent features, making rim cleaning fast and easy. Tyres will remain glossy deep black, looking shiningly brand new for a much longer period as well. Rims would also be protected from scorching hot brake dusts and is dirt & water repellent too – giving you cleaner sets of wheels rain or shine.

Pictures below show the restoration work we do to bring back the brand-new look of your car. Once that is achieved, we will protect them with Nano Armor coatings.

Super Brilliant Shine

Be dazzled with the super brilliant shine right after every car wash, year in year out. Your car is guaranteed to look better than “showroom condition” – a statement that few car coating companies dare to make. Best of all, you’ll never have to polish or wax ever! No other coating solution comes close to our mirror-like finish and it all lies in our time-tested surface preparation techniques, using the right tools, products and passion in our people.

This is the most crucial preparation work to bring the very best condition before the application of our multi-layer coatings. Once the coating is applied, it will lock in the super brilliant shine of the body-paint and the crystal clear windscreens for good. This process will also remove all the issues created by substandard polishing and waxing work done previously. Swirl marks, scratches, water marks, tree glues etc would be painstakingly removed, once and for all.

Our final coating layer contains harden crystal glass. This coat provides the extra super-shine by affording you the mirror-like finish that will make your car standout from the crowd instantly, whenever, wherever. This is the ultimate crystal glass coating solution you’ll ever find. The effect is simply to die-for. Not only does it make your car look brilliantly good, it also negates you from ever polishing or waxing your car forever. Yet you will always get the better-than-showroom condition satisfaction each time you give your car a good wash. This is something you cannot live without if you want a car you can be very proud of.


Enjoy the super-shine pictures below. Some photos were taken in poor lighting condition, still look at how the shine stands out!

Look for that deep wet 3D glossy outcome. Some equates it to “HD” quality. See the magical mirror-finish too.

Here at Nano Armor, our paint correction and protection work is truly a world of its own. If you demand only the best, demand for Nano Armor – no less!

Interior Protection

We will restore your dashboard, door paneling and seats to a brand new state. Then we’ll deep clean them before applying our specialized rubber, plastics and leather/fabric protection coating.

Remember, we spend most of our time with the car, inside it. Nano-sealant for seats (leather or fabric) effectively protects the material from staining and liquid absorption. No more stain marks from drinks spillage, accidental food drops or soiled by pets. Makes dirt and dust difficult to trap inside the seats. Protects dashboard, seats and door paneling from harsh sunlight while providing the new deep-glossy look. Your car’s interior would receive a thorough auto-detailing clean-up and protection! Old car is guaranteed to look like brand new. You’ll be pleasantly surprise at how much cleaner your car can be after our “magical” touch!

Decide to add-on our unique anti-microbial Nanotechnology Clean Air solution to sanitize and revitalize the cabin air. This is no ordinary Clean Air solution. It cleans and disinfects impossible to reach ducting of your air-conditioning system, removes unpleasant odour, eliminates bacteria, mold, fungi and prevents new ones from forming.

Say NO to “sick car” syndrome. Step into an Alpine-like freshness each time. This anti-bacteria and anti-odour components have long-lasting effect (1 year). Think of health. Think of Clean Air!

Engine Protection

Sadly, the engine compartment is one of the least looked after part. Here, at Nano Armor we will dry clean your entire engine compartment, removing oil stains, dusts and dirt. The end result, it’s like getting a brand new engine again. Then we’ll protect all the plastics and rubber parts with our specialized coating material to withstand the high temperatures. Let us care for the heart of your car.

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